Nanogen Inc. (NASDAQ: NGEN), headquartered in San Diego, California, provides human molecular diagnostic products to research, clinical laboratory, and point-of-care markets in North America, Europe and Asia. Its products include instruments, consumables, electronic microarrays, analyte specific reagents, and point-of-care diagnostic tests. The company offers the NanoChip(R) 400, an automated instrument primarily used for multiplexed DNA-based analyses with the reusable NanoChip Cartridge. Together, the platform provides a tool for the identification and analysis of biological for clinical diagnostic and research purpoes. The company also produces real time PCR reagents, primarily for infectious diseases such as CMV and BK virus, for both the U.S. and European diagnostic markets, as well as rapid immunoassay tests to detect cardiac infarction, which are marketed both within the U.S. and globally.