Personal Genome Companies


Celera Providing Actionable Diagnostic & Genomic Solutions

Affymetrix  Affymetrix is dedicated to developing state-of-the-art technology for acquiring, analyzing, and managing complex genetic information for use in biomedical research.

Illumina  Illumina, Inc.

deCODE deCODE genetics

Nanogen  Nanogen's advanced diagnostics provide researchers, healthcare professionals and patients worldwide with improved methods and tests to investigate, predict, diagnose and ultimately help treat disease.

NimbleGen NimbleGen Systems, Inc. Applied Biosystems

23andMe 23andMe, Inc.

deCODEme deCODEme offers the first personalized Genetic Scan with online analysis

Navigenics Navigenics helps you develop a personalized health and wellness strategy, guided by an in-depth understanding of your genetic profile, using the latest developments in science and medicine.

Family Tree DNA Family Tree DNA - we do genetic tests for your genealogy questions! Genealogy, Family Trees and Family History Records online -